Sir Moore’s summerDAZE Album Review


image Sir Moore with friends at Album Listening BBQ Every time I link up with my cousins and friends, we reminisce on childhood, The whole 90’s yards.

I get that same feeling when I listened to summerDAZE for the first time. I think as a music fan your greatest pet peeve is when you’re favorite artist pushes back a project. Sometimes you have to understand that it’s for a reason so they can put together a piece of work that will surpass the standard set for themselves and for your ears. summerDAZE being pushed back was the best thing for the project. If you haven’t paid attention Jersey emcee Sir Moore preaches about positive energy revolving his life and how it should yours.

Let’s get to the music.  Lots of R&B samples and influences from movies and television from the 90s. The tape is full of samples from Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Love Jones, Martin, Do The Right Thing (although that dropped in 89), We also got a couple more DJ SuchNSuch skit like his debut EP AUGUSTrush. Ole dude is hilarious but spits the truth if you really listen. The entire project is so relatable if you didn’t live under a rock your whole life.

imageIt was difficult to pick a song I liked most of these 22 tracks. They all stood out in their own way. It’s not all reminiscing, Sir Moore touches base on social issues plaguing our community with songs like summerRAIN. Another song I enjoyed was BackNtheDay featuring Keyvauna Leshea. LONGLIVEHIPHOP! (the anthem) would be the kind of song I would drop if I were an artist (Man I wish I could rap, that’s why I just write I guess). Every song, feature, and sample were intricately placed and the production was superb. You could make love to this. Listen, if you are a hip-hop head like myself and want to teach a lover the way to listen and hear the way you do, pop in this album and press play. Thank Me Later no Drizzy.

Jose Vay (Joe V in spanish yall lol) is just one of those people you meet that you will remember forever. If not for the music, I’d still look to him to be a leader of our generation. It’s Deeper than the Music, but music is the key to the soul. Be weary of what your ears take in. When it’s raining and you are staring outside your window listening to R&B making a fake music video out of your life, change the music. summerDAZE is the album for you. summerDAZE got 4.6 of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale. You can bless your ears below by listening to summerDAZE.

A black kid in a room full of whites stands out. A white kid in a room full of blacks goes unnoticed. We are special. Always remember that.

Let's Just Get Weird Tonight, Tumblr.
  • 1. Last kiss
  • 2. Last phone call
  • 3. Last text message
  • 4. Last song you listened to
  • 5. Last time you cried
  • 6. Dated someone twice
  • 7. Been cheated on
  • 8. Kissed someone & regretted it
  • 9. Lost someone special
  • 10. Been depressed
  • 11. Been drunk and threw up
  • 12. had sex
  • 13. How many people have you had sex with this year?
  • 15. Made a new friend
  • 17. Laughed until you cried
  • 18. Met someone who changed you
  • 19. Found out who your true friends were
  • 20. Found out someone was talking about you
  • 26. What did you do for your last Birthday
  • 27. What time did you wake up today
  • 29. Name something you CANNOT wait for
  • 30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time
  • 31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life
  • 32. What are you listening to right now
  • 33. When is the last time you had sex?
  • 34. Who's getting on your nerves right now
  • 35. Most visited webpage
  • 36. Favorite colour
  • 37. Nicknames
  • 38. Relationship Status
  • 39. Zodiac sign
  • 40. Male or female
  • 41. Primary school
  • 42. Secondary School
  • 43. High school/college
  • 44. Eye color
  • 46. Height
  • 47. Do you have a crush on someone
  • 48. What do you like about yourself
  • 49. Piercings
  • 50. Tattoos
  • 51. Righty or lefty
  • 53. First piercing
  • 54. First best friend
  • 55. First hookup
  • 56. First Bestfriend
  • 59. Eating
  • 60. Drinking
  • 61. I'm about to
  • 62. Listening to
  • 63. Waiting for
  • 64. Want kids?
  • 65. Get married?
  • 66. Career
  • 67. Lips or eyes
  • 68. Hugs or kisses
  • 69. Shorter or taller
  • 70. Older or Younger
  • 71. Romantic or spontaneous
  • 72. Nice stomach or nice arms
  • 73. Sensitive or loud
  • 74. Hook-up or relationship
  • 76. Kissed a stranger
  • 77. Drank hard liquor
  • 78. Lost glasses/contacts
  • 79. Had sex
  • 80. Broken someone's heart
  • 82. Been arrested
  • 83. Turned someone down
  • 84. Cried when someone died
  • 85. Fallen for a friend
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I need like a six month vacation twice a year.





If your girlfriend has sexual intercourse with another girl. Is that considered cheating? 

If I’m right handed and I punch you with my left, did I really hit you?


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